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Our Unbundled Legal Services:

We offer the ability to help our clients with specific discrete legal tasks rather than an entire matter.

  • Advisory Role

    • Advice regarding your legal rights and duties

    • Conducting legal research on a narrow topic

    • Discussion of additional services that may be needed in your matter

    • Discussion of child support worksheets and marital balance sheets

  • Coaching Services for self-represented litigants in

    • Mediation and ADR

    • Depositions

    • Court appearances

  • Limited Scope Representation

    • Review of pleadings, motions and orders

    • Drafting of Final Orders

    • Preparation of child support worksheets, marital balance sheets and exhibits

    • Preparation of closing documents such as deeds and qualified domestic relations orders

  • Pro Se Mediation/Non-Lawyer Mediation


We understand that it is not always an option to retain an attorney to handle your case from start to finish. Whether you want to represent yourself for financial reasons, personal reasons or any other reason, we appreciate that hiring an attorney is not always a one stop shop. We provide you the option to choose what tasks you need legal assistance with in your matter. You have the freedom to unbundle our services and choose where you need our support, whether that’s one task, multiple tasks, or your entire case. Schedule your consultation today to determine if unbundling services is right for you.

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