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Is an Uncontested Divorce right for you?

An uncontested divorce is not for everyone. How to know if it is right for you?

- Are you and your spouse in agreement on how to divide your assets and debts?

- Are you in agreement on how to structure custody, visitation, and child support for your children?

- Are these agreements already in writing?

If yes, then an uncontested divorce may be for you. Further inquiry is needed by a experienced attorney to fully evaluate your particular needs, but an uncontested case is possible.

What are some benefits of an uncontested divorce?

- Less paperwork

- Shorter pending litigation

- Part on good terms with your ex-spouse

- Facilitates better co-parenting relationships

- Finalize your matter without setting foot in a courtroom (not for all cases).

Factors that may prohibit your divorce from being uncontested

Not every case is suitable for agreement. Some factors that may keep your matter from being uncontested included:

- Not enough information on assets & debts

- History of abuse (physical or mental), drug abuse, or alcohol dependency

- Specific fault in the break up of the marriage (such as adultery)

- An agreement is just not likely because the parties are too acrimonious

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