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Using an Attorney for Consulting and Coaching

What is Consulting and Coaching provided by an attorney, and why is it important?

Sometimes you may just need to know that you are not in this alone. Or maybe you need guidance pre-suit to determine if you have a case, or how to avoid ending in contested litigation. One of the most common types of consulting and coaching though comes through post-suit and can be very valuable in transitioning to a new chapter. Below are explanations of different types of coaching and consulting services, and why they may be a good fit for you to consider.

Imagine this-you have just completed your divorce matter and you feel like you are in a world you don’t recognize. You now have to interpret a 40-page legal document, make sure you exchange your children on the right dates and times, notify the other parent of any and all child-related events, continue to perform at work, and keep your sanity. Hang in there because this is where a consulting or coaching attorney comes in!

Finalizing a family law case can be an overwhelming transition, and one filled with a lot of emotions and uncertainty. This is exactly the reason you may want to consider a post-suit consultation only case. This means there is no active litigation pending with the court, but you may need guidance and legal advice regarding your court orders, interaction with the other parent, and decision making regarding your children. The consult-only attorney can not only provide that needed guidance, but offer easy to understand and read possession calendars, reminders of upcoming deadlines pursuant to your court order, and any other coaching you may need regarding issues that arise as you settle into your new normal.

If you are not involved in a family law case but may be considering one down the road, pre-suit consulting and coaching may be worth considering. In this arena the attorney serves to advise you on your potential case, what steps you may need to take to prepare for a family law matter, and provide any coaching that may be needed to get you ready for the life-changing event you will be stepping into. The attorney may review case law, discuss whether you have viable claims, formulate strategy in moving forward, and walk you through the steps and process to expect.

Of course if your case becomes an active contested case at any point, it would then be easy to transition with your attorney to moving forward with litigation or alternative dispute options. Consult only and Coaching cases are an added benefit when you have been involved, or may be involved in the future, in family law disputes. Don't underestimate the power of having an attorney coach on your team.

With over two decades of combined experience handling an extensive range of family law matters all over South and Central Texas, the team at Clepper Harrison & Duffy PLLC are ready to work with you. We never shy away from even the most complex family law case. Our attorneys are litigators and collaborators, ready to utilize their experience and resources to give you efficient and effective representation at every stage of your case. Each attorney has been recognized through multiple avenues, and proudly share their awards on the firm website. Contact us today to schedule your initial meeting to see how we may be able to support you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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